For spring we have a great selection of designs & colors

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... but we are definitely leaning into STRIPES! 

We are so excited for our spring collection & are introducing some new combinations, & a lot of fun stripes.

Of course, we still have the full array of solids, designs & styles in all of our 25 colors ... well, actually, most of our 25 colors. For the moment the artisans are unable to get the moss green color recycled plastic cord so unfortunately it is currently unavailable. We hope that it will be back in the future though because it's so pearly and gorgeous! 

Anyway ~ we're excited to introduce a few styles in some fun new color combinations. They will slowly popup on our site, on Faire, on Shoppe & in our catalogs but they are all currently available for wholesale order so if you don't see something listed but are interested in including it in your order please let me know & I can add it. 

And remember everything is customizable. You can get any design you see in any combination of colors. I've included our color chart below as a reminder of all of the options. 

But for now, here are some of our cesta highlights  ...  

  xl cesta tote - striped - white & sunflower

 Cesta tote ~ gradient striped ~ teal to sky (shown in xl; available in xl & lg)
Cesta tote ~ striped ~ white & sunflower (shown in xl; available in all sizes)
Cesta tote ~ 3 color block ~ fuchsia, melon, wite (shown in xl; available in xl & lg)

Cesta tote - triple band ~ blues (shown in lg; available in xl & lg)
Cesta tote ~ tercera (inverted) ~ sand & white (show in lg; available in all sizes)

And some of the fun new stripes ...

Shown in medium cestas but available in any size. Colors (in order):  fuchsia & strawberry; royal blue & sky blue; melon & sand; grass & white; gray & white; melon & fuchsia; sand & white; strawberry & white; royal blue & white

 Visit our wholesale page for access to our catalogs & to place an order.

And for those of you going to Shoppe Object in February, we look forward to seeing you there. If you want to get ahead of the orders we'll write at the show I highly recommend you place an order now. We can always tweak it if you see something in person that you wish you'd ordered.

Let's have some fun with stripes :)

~ katie

 Current Color Selection: Please note that our fuchsia is very close to the currently hot color of the year, magenta!


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