Wholesale Terms & Conditions


MINIMUM ORDER: $US 300 or $250 for orders that include only planters or storage containers.  ($250/200 reorder minimum). Minimum quantity of 2 per SKU.
LEADTIME: 6-7 weeks.  Most orders will ship from Guatemala within 5-6 weeks of receipt of order and will be delivered to you within 6-7 weeks of receipt of order. Large orders may take longer but we will provide an estimated time of delivery. We appreciate more lead time if you are flexible about receipt of product so we can better coordinate production with the artisans.
PAYMENT TERMS: Full payment plus shipping & handling ($15-40 per order, depending on order size) due at time of shipment (for orders placed with a delivery date of 3 months or fewer). Invoice will be sent via Quickbooks. 
50% deposit due with orders requesting a delivery date of 3 months or later; balance plus shipping & handling due upon receipt of invoice.
All invoicing for direct orders is done through Quickbooks. 
Orders placed through Faire (ixoqwholesale.faire.com) honor Faire's terms.
PAYMENT METHOD: We accept all major credit cards. Invoices will be sent & payments accepted through Quickbooks, ACH transfer, check or Zelle. 
LATE PAYMENT: It happens but we are really happy when it doesn't! Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. We greatly appreciate on time payment as we are a small organization & chasing payments is no fun. A $50 late fee will be added if a payment is 30 days late. A subsequent $50 will be added every two weeks after the initial 30 days until the balance due is paid.
CURRENCY:  All prices are quoted in $US.
SHlPPING: Shipping costs from Guatemala are covered in the product cost. Shipping within US to your destination is additional. We ship via UPS or FedEx. We are happy to ship using your shipping account so that you are billed directly.
INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We love international customers but at this point do not ship outside the US or Guatemala. If you are an international entity and have a US shipping address we would love to work with you. 
CUSTOM ORDERS: Every order with ixöq is considered a custom order and all production is done in small batches. Due to our use of sustainable resources (recycled plastic and upcycled jaspe fabric), we cannot guarantee that the colors will exactly match those in the catalog but they will match within a given order. We select the tassel color & lining fabric directly with the artisans based on availability. These are coordinated with the colors of the cesta. If you have specific requests related to the color of these items please indicate your preferences in your order.
RETURNS: We want our customers to be happy and will work with you to get the products you desire. We accept return if the item is damaged or differs in design or more than 1 inch in measurement from the specs. Everything we sell is hand made and custom produced so we cannot accept returns based on slight variations in color or measurement. 
GRATITUDE: We greatly appreciate your flexibility and will work closely with you to fill your order in a timely manner. Our orders are addressed on a first come-first serve basis depending on order & delivery dates. We work directly with the artisans and all orders are single-batch produced. During busier times production may take slightly longer. The positive in this is that you are supporting women artisans through steady employment!