Creating the perfect combination of cesta sizes, colors & styles for your store's collection.

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RETAILERS - THIS POST IS FOR YOU! (and anyone else who may be interested in how to create the perfect cesta order for a store. Hint: it involves colors & designs & MATH 🧐).

When placing an order for a store there are a lot of things to consider, especially since ixöq specializes in single-batch made-to-order so you have complete flexibility in colors, sizes & design. 

Most important is to order styles/colors that resonate for you even if your favorite doesn’t happen to be a current best seller. People sell things more easily if they like them. We have 25 colors to choose from! And I promise you everyone likes something different. 

Also lots of small stores have a vibe & color palette that works for them so don’t stray from that. If the color looks out of place in the store, it won’t resonate for buyers. Basically, go with your gut but also know we’re happy to help & guide you!

So first, pick your colors & designs. We recommend sticking with 1-3 colorways & ordering 2-3 designs within that palette. In this order the colorways were yellows; teals-blues; & neutrals that were worked within 4 designs for a total of 12 unique SKUs.

I recommend also keeping some consistency in either color or design by size. You want these to look good together on your shelves within their colorway but also to look consistent if displayed by size. The order in the video used the triple band design for all of the larges & they look fabulous side by side. 

Now the MATH. Buyers underestimate the power of math in placing an order. And by math I mean total number of each style but I also mean variation in quantity by size. Consumers love choices & our cesta totes have a variety of uses so order a few different sizes to give people options. They may be shopping for a beach or market tote but they also may be shopping for a purse. 

The math of sizes also helps you with shipping and storage. We’ve designed our cestas so that a medium fits inside a large which fits inside an extra-large. This makes storage easier & cuts down on your shipping charge per item. This ‘perfect’ order included 12 of each size so they can be packed, shipped & stored in units of three.

So there you have it … how to create your perfect order of ixöq cestas! (this also applies to our boxi planters & storage containers but that’s for another day 😀)

If you’re interested in placing an order please check out our Wholesale page on our site (link in bio). We work directly with retailers & also sell on Faire & through ShoppeOn. 

You can see the different ways to place a wholesale order HERE.

I’d love to work with you to create the perfect first order, or re-order if you’re an existing customer! Now is a GREAT time to order for resort season & spring!

Cheers ~ katie 


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