~ ixöq wholesale ~

We'd love to work with you on a wholesale order! You can read below for details or just jump right in using these links 


Check out our new designs for spring/summer 2023 

 The rainbow collection 

We are so excited for this new collection that we call 'arco iris' (which means rainbow in spanish). It is full of color & fun & the perfect addition to any store that enjoys a pop of color.

We have 2 sizes of our cesta totes in two different handle styles (short & long); a storage basket; a set of cylindrical nesting containers & our planters. Your order can include one SKU or all! 

Cesta tote - long handles in XL: WCEST.XL.mc9 & Med: WCEST.MD.mc9

Cesta tote - short handles in XL: WCEST.XL.mc9.2 & Med: WCEST.MD.mc9.2

Nesting containers (set of 3): WCYL.MC.mc9; 

Planters (set of 3 S.M.L): WPLTR.MC.mc9 & XL: WPLTR.XL.MC.mc9

Storage basket: WBSKT.MC.mc9  (10"x8"x10")


Our new ixöq clutch 

These clutches are the perfect summer bag. It's a very simple design that holds its shape & carries more than you'd imagine. If you ever want a clutch that is perfect for a summer night out in a beach town, this is the one! Our final design has the larger flap (like the pink sample) & no visible button (like the white sample). WSP: $32.

These can be done in the 2 color weave; available in any two of our 24 colors; (samples shown in pink with fuchsia & white with sand). , in solids, or in stripes!


Double weave storage baskets 

This is a new take on an existing design. It uses two colors for the weave but one is more dominant & creates a contrasting edge along the top. 

(WBSKT.2U.cc; WSP $32)

Samples shown: pink & fuchsia (WBSKT.2U.pkfu); sky & guate blue (WBSKT.2U.lbgb); white & lemon (WBSKT.2U.whyl) 


The Golden collection: LG triple band (WCEST.LG.3B.yls); XL gradient (WCEST.XL.GR.yls); Med color block (WCEST.MD.2C.bgyl)
Stripes: Med strawberry & pink: WCEST.MD.ST.rdpk; Med teal & mint: WCEST.MD.ST.tqmt; XL teal & mint: WCEST.XL.ST.tqmt; Med white & gray: WCEST.MD.ST.whyl
(large) Triple block in pinks & melons (WCEST.LG.3B.fupkml)
(XL) Gradient in teals & blue (WCEST.XL.GR.tqmtlb)
(some of these may not yet be included in our catalog but they are available so just let us know if you're interested in adding them to your order) 

 Wholesale Purchase Details 

The best way for ixöq to provide a steady and sustainable work flow and income stream for our partner artisans is to seek business to business (B2B) opportunities, where we can share and sell our products beyond pop-up markets and less predictable online sales. We are excited to forge sustainable relationships with retailers who share our mission to create practical, unique, fair trade products that honor the traditions and craft of women artisans of Guatemala.

Our ixöq cesta totes & boxi line of home storage containers are our two custom lines and include the products we make available to retailers. All of the products in these collections are designed by ixöq & handwoven by our partner artisans in Guatemala using cord made from locally sourced recycled plastic. The lined products are lined using up-cycled fabric, traditionally used for women’s skirts. We design the products with an eye on current trends and colors but with respect for traditional aesthetic and design.

Check out our blog entries on Creating the Perfect Cesta Order. & on What's New for Spring .

There are three (four!) ways to purchase Wholesale.

* Option onedirectly from our CATALOG.

Download the catalog. Scroll through it. Review the color options, mark some favorites and send us an email (info@ixoqus.com) with your order OR schedule a call with us to help create your order. This is easy peasy. I'll create the order for you & invoice you at the time of shipping through Quickbooks. You can also submit an order using our WHOLESALE ORDER FORM & sending it via email.

* Option two: using FAIRE DIRECT 

We offer online wholesale ordering on Faire where you can benefit from their Net60 terms & discounted shipping. Faire offers $100 off and one year of free shipping to retailers new to Faire. If you're a current Faire member you will get the same benefits you always enjoy but we ask that you please use our Faire Direct link & do not just search for us in the system. 


Option three:  Small order from available inventory (@ 60% retail price)

If you’d like a quicker turn-around and are interested in shopping from our current inventory please use our retail channel to see what's available or email us with an idea of the items you are interested in. We will get back to you with availability and can ship within 7-10 days! (please note that because we produce in small batches we normally do not have more than 2 of any in-stock design/color.) Our standard wholesale prices are 50% of retail. With 'available inventory' orders the cost is 60% of retail since we are pulling from our retail stock. 

Option four:  through ShoppeOnline

If you are a buyer through Shoppe Object & have a ShoppeOnline account you can visit our virtual booth & purchase there. If you have a credit card on file in the system we will charge you the invoiced amount due plus shipping & handling at time of shipment. If you do not have a card on file we will bill you directly through Quickbooks as with a direct order.

No matter which option you use, we will work directly with you on any customization and to create the perfect collection for your store. This allows you select the sizes, designs and colors of your choice.

Our standard lead time is 6-8 weeks but we take orders up to 6 months in advance. This helps us better coordinate a production schedule that makes sense for us & the artisans. We ask for a 50% deposit for any order with a delivery date more than three months out. 

We look forward to working with you and appreciate your interest in carrying ixöq’s fair trade, sustainably sourced, hand crafted products in your store and supporting women artisans of Guatemala!

Here are some of the perks if you order through Faire Direct!