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Our latest wholesale collections for upcoming seasons 

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For fall we're focused on neutrals and some of our classic designs. The subtle palette and simple lines of these collections make them perfect for any season. We've found that solids & simple designs in more neutral colors do very well for fall leading into the holiday. This collection is perfect for that all-year tote that you use for travel, for shopping, for the gym, basically whenever you want to safely move stuff around.

collage of images showing neutral color cesta totes for fall

Pictured (clockwise from upper left)

Cesta tote ~ medium ~ solid ~ white WCEST.MD.S.wh (WSP $44) (available in med.lg.xl) 
Cesta tote ~ medium ~ solid ~ cocoa WCEST.MD.S.co (WSP $44) (available in med.lg.xl)
Cesta totes ~ tercera (inverted) design (available in med.lg.xl)
medium ~ cocoa.sand (short handles) WCEST.MD.TERI.cobg (WSP $44)
large ~ cocoa.white WCEST.LG.TERI.cowh (WSP $49)
Planters (set of 3) ~ flip flop design ~ melon, sand & white  (WSP $50)
Cesta tote ~ ex-large ~ tercera design ~ sand.indigo  WCEST.XL.TER.bgnv (WSP $59) & Cesta tote ~ medium ~ solid ~ indigo (long handles) WCEST.MD.nv (WSP $44)
Cesta tote ~ medium ~ solid ~ chocolate  WCEST.MD.S.ch (WSP $44)
Cesta tote ~ ex-large ~ multi-stripe FALL WCEST.XL.MC2 (WSP $59)


Holidays are all about sharing! We know everyone loves a perfect tote but for the holidays we also spread joy & cheer with our storage containers. Whether a basket that will brighten any shelf or a fabulous planter, ixöq products make the perfect gift. They are unique, practical & support women artisans ... all good things when trying to find something special for that special someone.

Pictured (clockwise from upper left)

storage basket ~ interweave ~ guate blue & sky blue  WBSKT.2I.gblg (WSP $32)
Cesta tote ~ large ~ solid / lined ~ black WCEST.MD.S.bk (WSP $59)
Planters (set of 3) ~ single band ~ white with black  (WSP $50)
Cesta tote ~ medium ~ multicolor ~ winter  WCEST.MD.MC4 (WSP $44) (available in med.lg.xl) )
Cesta tote ~ medium ~ solid ~ white  WCEST.MD.S.wh (WSP $44) (available in med.lg.xl)



Everyone loves a break in the winter & what is better than a trip to a faraway land or resort?! Our cesta totes are perfect for travel. It's a good idea to have some on hand in your store during the winter months, for those fortunate enough to getaway.

collage of images of fun & colorful totes perfect for resort or beach!

Pictured (clockwise from upper left)

Cesta tote ~ ex-large ~ 3 color block ~ shown in indigo.royal.sky WCEST.XL.3C.nvrblb & royal.sky.white WCEST.XL.3C.rblbwh (WSP $59) (available in lg & xl)
Cesta tote ~ medium ~ 2 color block ~ lemon.sand WCEST.MD.2C.ylbg (WSP $44)  
NEW for 2023!!! Clutch ~ interweave ~ fuchsia.pink WCL.2U.fupk (WSP $28)
Cesta totes ~
       ex-large ~ gradient ~ teals to blue WCEST.XL.GR.tqmtlb (WSP $59) &
       large ~ traditional ~ white with sky WCEST.LG.TR.whlb (WSP $49)
Cesta tote ~ ex-large ~ 3 color block ~ melon.sand.sky blue  WCEST.XL.3C.mlbglb (WSP $49)
Cesta tote ~ large ~ triple band ~ fuchsia.pink.melon  WCEST.LG.3B.fupkml (WSP $49) 
Cesta tote ~ ex-large ~ solid ~ fuchsia  WCEST.XL.S.fu (WSP $59) (available in med.lg.xl)
Cesta tote ~ ex-large ~ multi-stripe FALL WCEST.XL.MC2 (WSP $59)  We have 9 different multicolor designs so make sure you check them all out HERE)



Aaahhh spring. The season we all look forward to. ixöq's designs & colors scream spring freshness & sunshine. Now is a good time to plan ahead for 2024 for those anxious to embrace a bright new season!


Pictured (clockwise from upper left)

Cesta tote ~ ex-large ~ Tercera ~ sky blue.white WCEST.XL.TER.lbwh (WSP $59) (available in med.lg.xl) 
NEW for 2024!!! Cesta tote ~ ex-large ~ multicolor ~ siesta WCEST.XL.MC.mc11 (WSP $59)  
Cylindrical containers ~ nesting set ~ multicolor ~ spring WCYL.MC.mc3 (WSP $54)
Cesta totes ~
       ex-large ~ tercera ~ gray.white WCEST.XL.TER.grwh (WSP $59) &
       medium ~ solid ~ gray WCEST.MD.S.gr (WSP $44)
Cesta tote ~ medium ~ tercera / lined ~ indigo.sand  WCEST.MD.TER/L.nvbg (WSP $49)
Cesta tote ~ medium ~ stripes ~ royal & sky blues  WCEST.MD.ST.rblb (WSP $44) 
Cesta tote ~ medium ~ stripes ~ teal & mint  WCEST.MD.ST.tqmt (WSP $44) 
Cesta totes ~ 
medium ~ solid ~ pink  WCEST.MD.S.pk (WSP $44) &
ex-large ~ multicolor ~ mucho WCEST.XL.MC.mc6 &
ex-large ~ stripes ~ white.melon WCEST.XL.ST.whml (WSP $59)


Please note that the collections highlighted above are a selection of what's available. All of our orders are single-batch made to order so you can customize colors & designs to create the perfect combination for your stores. 


 Wholesale Purchase Details 

We are thrilled that you are interested in placing a wholesale order & excited to work together to create the best collection for your store. For us B2B is equally as important as D2C since it's the best way for ixöq to balance out orders & production & provide a steady and sustainable work flow and income stream for our partner artisans.

We are excited to forge sustainable relationships with retailers who share our mission to create practical, unique, fair trade products that honor the traditions and craft of women artisans of Guatemala. And we can't wait for you to introduce ixöq to your buyers.


Our ixöq cesta totes & boxi line of home storage containers are our two custom lines and include the products we make available to retailers. All of the products in these collections are designed by ixöq & handwoven by our partner artisans in Guatemala using cord made from locally sourced recycled plastic. The lined products are lined using up-cycled fabric, traditionally used for women’s skirts. We design the products with an eye on current trends and colors but with respect for traditional customs and design.

Check out our blog entries on Creating the Perfect Cesta Order. & on What's New for Spring .

How to purchase wholesale (there are three (four!) options)

* Option one: shop directly from our CATALOG.

Download the catalog. Scroll through it. Review the color options, mark some favorites and send us an email (info@ixoqus.com) with your order OR schedule a call with us to help create your order. This is easy peasy. I'll create the order for you & invoice you at the time of shipping through Quickbooks. You can also submit an order using our WHOLESALE ORDER FORM & sending it via email.

Please note, we try and keep our catalog updated on a seasonal basis but are always introducing new products & designs so if you've seen something along the way that you'd like that you do not see in the catalog please inquire directly about it's availability.

* Option two:  shop through FAIRE DIRECT 

We offer online wholesale ordering on Faire where you can benefit from their Net60 terms & discounted shipping. Faire offers $100 off and one year of free shipping to retailers new to Faire. If you're a current Faire member you will get the same benefits you always enjoy but we ask that you please use our Faire Direct link & do not just search for us in the system. 


Option three:  shop through ShoppeOnline

If you are a buyer through Shoppe Object & have a ShoppeOnline account you can visit our virtual booth & purchase there. If you have a credit card on file in the system we will charge you the invoiced amount due plus shipping & handling at time of shipment. If you do not have a card on file we will bill you directly through Quickbooks as with a direct order.

Option four:  Small order from available inventory (@ 60% retail price)

If you’d like a quicker turn-around and are interested in shopping from our current inventory please use our retail channel to see what's available or email us with an idea of the items you are interested in. We will get back to you with availability and can ship within 7-10 days! (please note that because we produce in small batches we normally do not have more than 2 of any in-stock design/color.) Our standard wholesale prices are 50% of retail. With 'available inventory' orders the cost is 60% of retail since we are pulling from our retail stock. 

Customization & customer service

No matter which option you use, we will work directly with you on any customization and to create the perfect collection for your store. This allows you select the sizes, designs and colors of your choice.

Our standard lead time is 5-7 weeks but we take orders up to 6 months in advance. This helps us better coordinate a production schedule that makes sense for us & the artisans. We ask for a 50% deposit for any order with a delivery date more than three months out. 

Our MOQ is $300 (approximately 4 skus) & 2 items per sku. You can learn more details on our terms page

We look forward to working with you and appreciate your interest in carrying ixöq products and in supporting women artisans of Guatemala!

Thanks so much ~

Katie (co-founder, director, creative)   info@ixoqus.com   301.785.0421


Here are some of the perks if you order through Faire Direct!