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ixöq has several items that are sold exclusively at seasonal pop-up markets. This helps us focus our website on our cesta & boxi lines & keep things more focused & easy to follow. 

That said, we didn't want to lose connection with some of the products that we've sold since our inception in 2017 when we were focusing on woven textiles. 

We do pop-up markets throughout the year and sell these additional products starting with the Takoma Park Street Festival & going through the holiday markets. You can find a list of markets we're attending for the holidays on our Markets & Events page.

The categories of products that we market-sell are primarily handmade using an upcycled material referred to as jaspe ("haspeh"), which is the name of the hand-dyed colorful thread used in the weaving. This style of fabric is a traditional textile that is woven on a peddle-loom. It includes intricate patterns of different colors centered around a primary color and design. The results are a variety of unique combinations and patterns.

ixöq sells kitchen items & market bags made from jaspe fabric and the cesta totes and storage baskets are lined using jaspe fabrics, chosen to complement the colors of the tote/basket. If you're looking for a specific product & interested in what we have in stock feel free to send us an email & let us know.


We also carry some beautiful scarves that are made by one of our partner artisan groups. Each style highlights a different type of weave and skill traditionally used in Mayan communities of Guatemala.  All scarves are handwoven on a backstrap loom in the women’s homes.  Weaving is a traditional skill that many Guatemalan men and women learn as children, and weaving can be a job that women can do in the house, while still caring for their home and children.  Weaving scarves for ixöq allows the artisans to earn extra income to help support their families.

The scarves are brightly colored and come in four designs: traditional, tortuga (turtle design), infinity and ikat. They are light weight and can dress up a look in any season. We also carry slightly larger shawls woven in the same beautiful designs. 


If you are interested in these items and cannot attend a market please reach out to us directly & we can let you know what's currently available. It's also possible that we can special order some specific items from our fabulous partner artisans in Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala.