boxi storage containers

Our boxi storage collection began with this design ... a set of three nesting containers. We had seen something similar in rattan and realized that the recycled plastic cord used in our cesta totes was the perfect material for these.

From these our collection grew. We now have the cylindrical containers (with & without tops), storage baskets & two sizes of square boxes. This collection highlights the fun and colors of ixöq and the perfect merger of traditional skills with contemporary designs. 

They are durable, retain their shape & are easy to clean. But most importantly they are an attractive way to add to the character of your space while storing things out of sight but accessible.

These products are all available for custom order as well so if you are interested in different colors or patterns please let us know and we can special order them (delivery time is approximately 6 weeks)

All ixöq products are ethically made, sustainable sourced and follow fair trade standards. We work directly with our partner artisans on each order and guarantee we pay a fair wage.