ixöq gift card

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It's hard to know what other's may want so if you'd like to share ixöq with someone but aren't sure what they'd like you can do so via a gift card!

Gift cards can be purchased starting at $50 & up to $250 & we're happy to work with the recipient to find that perfect collection of ixöq products. We also have adorable mini cestas that you can use to present the card. They can be hung on a tree - or elsewhere - and are the perfect keychain. They are normally $14 but are discounted with the purchase of a $50-100 gift card & free with gift cards over $150. And they are so cute!!


All ixöq products are ethically made, sustainable sourced and follow fair trade standards. We work directly with our partner artisans on each order and guarantee we pay a fair wage. We honor traditional craft while creating contemporary and useful products.