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Homage to Peach Fuzz & Shoppe Object Recap

peach & pink combinations2024's Color of the year (by Pantone©) is Peach Fuzz which is remarkably close to our color melon. When it was first announced I was kind of meh about it but upon further reflection I'm very excited about this because one of my favorite combinations is Pinks & Oranges. We currently have this combo in several of our designs & I've created some new peachy-pink combos for spring 2024. These colors perfectly complement each other because of the contrast between subtle soft & bold bright. This is the kind of thing I think about a lot :) 
I exhibited these at the winter Shoppe Object trade show where buyers from around the world come to place orders for their shops. Most of the buyers are small boutiques but some are larger businesses that definitely look for trends. I thought more people would be aware of the color of the year moniker but was surprised to see that most weren't. I'm slowly realizing that people in general aren't quite as obsessed with color as I am. What they are interested in is what resonates for them & for their store, which may or may not involve specific colors & trends. 
These pink-peach combos are definitely eye-catching and they did well at the show. It was fun to chat about them with buyers & it'll be fun to see them pop up in different stores & locations! 
But this wasn't the only color way I highlighted. I also showcased some new blues & teals & our always popular neutrals. The thing about these shows is I always want to show a lot of products but I always get the smallest booth (because that's the expense I can justify) so I have to be crafty in how I fit everything in because people really like to shop IRL & see and touch products.
Below is a photo of my display. Shoppe Object is a sophisticated, well-curated and visually appealing show. As an exhibitor, you do not mess around & there are standards to be met. I find the process to be a challenge but fun & I love the overall vibe & being a part of it. 
photo of booth display at Shoppe Object
Here are a couple of shots of the full show (well the building I was in ... there were two venues this show but that's another story). 
overview shot of Shoppe Object Aug23   overview of shoppe object aug23  
I always appreciate the help I get from my youngest. She's become quite adept at loading/unloading & decals. Fortunately she lives in NYC so is usually available to help. This year we decaled the logo on a board so we can use it again in the future! (Brilliant idea I got from my friend Jodi at The Neighborgoods) This just left the descriptive words that we put in a 'word cloud' instead of around the top edge of the booth. I think it was quite effective. The 'fun' at the end is peeling these off. Some exhibitors have paragraphs of text on their walls ... it goes up easily but has to be removed letter by letter 🥹😱. There are a lot of little behind the scenes things like this that business owners do (over & over) that are important, but temporary & just part of the journey. 
hanging logo on wall of tradeshow booth  word cloud  on walls of tradeshow booth  peeling decal off booth wall  pieces of old decal on the floor

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