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Celebrate our partner artisans

As March comes to a close, we reflect on Women's History Month and the incredible women who inspire us every day. With every newsletter or post or product sold, we strive to honor the artisans behind ixöq. I am truly in awe of them & all that they accomplish.

Since founding ixöq in 2018, our focus has been on providing employment & support to our artisan partners in Guatemala. We're proud to celebrate their resilience, creativity, and ingenuity & to work with them to create beautiful, functional & lasting products for you. Their dedication to their craft and their communities continues to inspire us, and we're endlessly grateful for their contributions to our collections.

photo of artisans group (ASPECOM) in Guatemala

The women of ASPECOM never cease to impress. They have a thriving business creating woven products for ixöq, along with their keystone project making jams & jellies to sell at local markets. Over the past few years, they have received educational funding from the government, been nationally awarded for producing high quality exported products (for ixöq 😀), and trained almost 50 women in both of these crafts.

The two women in the front of this photo, Tita & Ruti, coordinate all of the ixöq orders & distribute the work amongst the artisans. The women are then able to return to their homes & weave their assigned products, while balancing household & family needs. This work provides opportunity to earn money & contribute financially to their families & community, and to learn a skill that honors the traditions of their ancestors, creates useful products & uses recycled materials. It's all pretty amazing!

While Women's History Month may be drawing to a close, our commitment to supporting these artisans stretches beyond a single month. As we look ahead, we're excited to continue showcasing their talents through outreach, and in person at our upcoming spring markets. Thank you for joining us in celebrating women and supporting artisan empowerment. We're doing our small part to help create a brighter future for women everywhere & we couldn't do it without you.

LEARN MORE about our partner artisans

Save the date for spring markets!

I love spring & I love markets. So what better way to spend the next several weeks than to combine the two. It's a great way to connect with you, introduce ixöq to new people, and unveil new products & designs.

Last year I only did a handful of markets in the spring but this year I've decided to go all in. The list keeps growing but below is what we have on the schedule thus far. Mark your calendars & come visit!

For market updates please check HERE.

Honor women & welcome spring with a poem 

poem about spring by guatemalan poet

Thank you deeply for your ongoing support! Wishing you a splendid beginning to the spring season, hopefully full of sunshine, daffodils, & lots of good cheer.

~ all the best & with much gratitude ~


(co-founder / director / creative)

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