cestas & boxi ~ what's in stock

 We are big proponents of single batch processing & not over producing. We want to provide the perfect balance of work for the artisans & not ask for too much, especially for inventory that we may not necessarily need since we like to keep our designs evolving and to work with the seasons in terms of color. 

Because of this, our online inventory is often hard to navigate since you have to weed through a lot of options that we may not currently have in stock to find what's available. And that can be frustrating. 

So this new (what's in stock) collection shows you what products we have available for immediate delivery. There's still some weeding through available colors but it should be slightly easier. 

If none of the available cestas or boxi containers are singing to you, you can always shop our full collection and place a special order which should arrive in 5-6 weeks. It's a bit of a wait but well worth it and you'll get exactly what you're looking for.